Internship Tracking Template - Provisional Psych Support Group
Our tailored tracker is designed by early career psychologists, for provisional psychologists who are seeking to reduce time in researching Board requirements.
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Our tailored internship tracker is designed by early career psychologists, for provisional psychologists who are seeking to reduce time in researching the Psychology Board of Australia (PsychBA) requirements. You can now manage your time more efficiently by tracking your weekly hours. Our tracking template calculates the remaining hours and tasks.


Compared to other logbooks or trackers available via the web, ours is designed to be simple to use with instructions included to breakdown each section of the tracker. We have designed separate trackers for the 4+2 and 5+1 internship program as these two separate pathways vary in terms of time and tasks to submit to the Board.


Please specify your internship pathway at the purchase.



It includes a task completion log in the form of a useful checklist (incl. requirements), supervision log for all types, professional development (PD) log, psychological practice log for each week. We recommend our ‘Tracking Template’ is to be used parallel to the Board logbook and therefore does not replace the Board logbook.

How does this save me time?

By using our internship tracking template, you will save time by knowing exactly where you sit with your hours and task completion for the 4+2 or 5+1 internship. It can save you from agonizing over gaining more hours in a section you may already have completed. You can instead identify the areas where you do need to allocate more time in order to finish on schedule.

How does it help me track my hours and tasks?

You will find that you are no longer missing out on precious hours that could contribute to your required hours. You would have tracked the hours and tasks by entering these into the spreadsheet each week. You spend 5 minutes entering the hours each week to prevent having to reflect back in your work calendars. You will not need to recalculate your hours every 6-month period; when a progress report is due.