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Seeking a Referral to a Psychologist in Melbourne?

Are you trying to find a Psychologist in located in Melbourne? A psychologist that is best suited to your individual personal and professional needs? An early career psychologist may benefit from a referral to a psychologist in Melbourne or online to help with discussing a range of proven strategies to better managing a range of stressors. Positive Wellbeing Psychology is a discreet private practice with a niche reputation of working with early career psychologists and a range of health professionals to help improve self-esteem, performance goals, interpersonal relationships and overall life satisfaction. A referral to a psychologist who is familiar with the 4+2 and 5+1 internship pathway may also assist the provisional psychologist with daily life pressures that come from gaining full registration as a psychologist in Australia.

Do Psychologists see Psychologists?

This is a common question that we read about. Our answer is – YES, of course! A referral to a psychologist can assist with a range of issues including stress management. We believe the early stages of registration as a Psychologist in Australia can be anxiety provoking and increase out baseline levels of anxiety to a overall higher level. The typical provisional psychologists journey requires a lot of new learnings, as well as being assessed and graded by their Supervisor and AHPRA. You will be exposed to a range of new presenting problems and referral reasons, mental health challenges, strengths and a lot of your client’s stories may involve traumatic events, which can result in leaving work with a heavy load of stress. Exploring a referral to your own psychologist may assist with your early career journey.

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why a referral to a psychologist?

A psychologist may help with the following:

> Generalized or social anxiety

> Wellbeing and self-care

> Communication difficulties

> Perfectionism

> Professional development needs

> Job or study dissatisfaction

> Stress and burn-out

> Difficulty within the workplace

> Life transitions and adjustment difficulties

> Emotional difficulties,

> Sleep difficulties

> Panic attacks

> Self-development

To view the full list of resources available to support you through your registration as a provisional psychologist click here.

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