Resume Template


Our provisional psychologist resume template is suitable for provisional psych’s that are embarking their the 4 + 2 or 5 + 1 internship pathway, as well as those transitioning into the world of general registration. Paired with tips and useful language to highlight your skills, confidence and professional experience – regardless of the work experience to date. We understand searching and applying for suitable roles can be very competitive and daunting. We have designed our template to support you getting the edge over the competition – whatever stage you are at in your early career journey.

Resume Review with Clinic Director

Resume Support

An exciting new initiative designed to better support early career psychologists in finding their ideal role. Our team will trial for a limited period of time, between December 2021 to April 2022, at this low-cost.

General Registration

Exclusive to Provisional Psychologists 2-3 months off applying for General Registration or Registered Psychologists that have purchased either our NPE exam questions or our Case Report Tutorial.

Private Practice

Suitable for Early Career Psychologists seeking a role within a Private Practice setting, that would benefit from assistance to highlight their skills, experience, training and competencies in certain presentations.

Highlighting skills

Your resume will be allocated to an Australian Registered Psychological and Clinical Director currently in Private Practice to assist you to display the skills and competencies looked for in Private Practice settings.

Resume review


Our team of psychologists will allocate your resume review to a psychologist in private practice to review your resume to help ensure you are portraying your skills, knowledge and confidence at a high standard to facilitate you getting your foot in the door. The usual cost of this service is AUD$85 per hour, however is available as an ‘Add-On Service’ for AUS$20.00 when purchasing our NPE Example Questions or Case Report Tutorial.

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