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The Provisional Psych Support Group is a support forum with training resources designed for provisional psychologists completing the 4+2 or 5+1 Internship Program. PPSG are passionate about supporting early career psychologists successfully meet the requirements set by the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) and to obtain their General Registration as a Psychologist in Australia.
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Practice Across the Lifespan Psychology Kit


Our Practice Across the Lifespan Resource is designed for a provisional psychologist practicing in Australia. The provisional psychologist would be undergoing the 4+2 internship program to meet the Psychology Board of Australia regulatory standards to become a registered psychologist in Australia. We provide the provisional psychologist with an overview of factors to be considered, example case report highlighting considerations across the lifespan and checklist to help the provisional psychologist fit the relevant information into the template using the baseline structure. Our resource helps provisional psychologists in Australia meet the core competency requirements for the Psychology Board of Australia.

What are the 4+2 internship programĀ requirements for practicing across the lifespan?

The Australian registered provisional psychologist is required to complete the Practice Across the Lifespan Report Overview for the 4 + 2 Internship Program. The Psychology Board Guidelines for the 4+2 internship program provides an overview of the Practice Across the Lifespan Report requirements. As stated in the Guidelines, during the first year the provisional psychologist must complete at least one short presentation or report to a Board-Approved supervisor. This requirement has been designed to assist the provisional psychologist to reflect on the identified issues associated with practicing across the lifespan and how the issues would be appropriately handled.

How is the provisional psychologists practice across the lifespan report or presentation assessed?

The provisional psychologists practice across the lifespan report or presentation is assessed by their Board-Approved supervisor/s. The practice across the lifespan report or presentation do not need to be submitted to the Psychology Board of Australia for assessments (unless audit is conducted and requested). The Board approved-principal supervisor will report the completion of the report or presentation to via the progress report. By mentioning this in the progress report, the Board is able to measure and track the Australian registered provisional psychologist time management skills, diligence and actual completion of mandatory tasks.

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