Progress Note Template


Designed for easy record-keeping, this resource supports subsequent therapy sessions, addressing a variety of clinical presentations including depression, anxiety, risk, and safety planning. Its one-time purchase simplifies client interactions. Ideal for both online and in-person consultations, our template provides essential prompts, ensuring efficient and organised note-taking.

Are you an Online Psychologist in Australia?

We have designed our process note resource to assist early career psychologists.


Who Can Benefit from This Resource?


Australian psychologists, whether practicing online or in person, highly value our Progress Note Template. It’s meticulously designed by psychologists in private practice to ensure we’re enhancing therapy sessions and simplify record-keeping. Our Progress Note Template is designed to offer comprehensive support for a range of allied health professionals, provisional and general registered psychologists supporting clients with with various clinical presentations, including depression, anxiety, risk, and safety planning.


What’s Inside the Progress Note Template Pack?


x1 Word Document:

Providing flexibility and ease of editing. Simply add it as a ‘new’ template into your practice management system such as Halaxy to streamline your workflow.


x1 PDF with Editable Fields:

Allows seamless typing directly into the form for efficient customisation. Simply upload the PDF document once completed in an in-person or telehealth session.


x1 PDF without Editable Fields:

Ideal for use with a draw pen, featuring editable tabs compatible with iPads and Surface Pros, ensuring ease of use. Simply upload the PDF document once completed in an in-person or telehealth session. These PDF versions are designed to simplify your workflow, ensuring a seamless experience in managing your client records.


Tailored Support for Therapy Sessions:


Our Progress Note Template provides valuable guidance for clinicians during the therapy sessions, guiding psychologists in their interactions with clients. Specifically tailored for both online and in-person practices in Australia, this template caters to psychologists working in private practice settings, addressing diverse presenting issues. The structured prompts make sure that no essential information is overlooked, ensuring a profound understanding of the client’s needs and also that record keeping requirements are met.


Building Strong Rapport:

In the initial session, gathering relevant information and building a strong rapport with clients is so important. As psychologists, we are aware that the therapeutic alliance counts for more than 70% of the overall clinical outcome of therapy. Collaboratively setting therapy goals using our Progress Note Template provides a structured approach, making clients feel valued and heard from the very beginning.


Encouraging Client Comfort and Continuity:

Engaging clients in the goal-setting process, facilitated by our user-friendly templates, fosters involvement and understanding. Clients are informed that the initial session will conclude with a discussion of therapy goals, whilst the therapist is prompted to cover this simply by using our General Intake Template. We find as psychologists, this approach enhances comfort and encourages clients to return for subsequent consultations, ensuring continuity of care.


Efficient Follow-ups:

Any missed details during the initial session utilising our General Intake Template or Eating Disorder Intake Assessment Template can be efficiently addressed in follow-up consultations with the aid of our Progress Note Template. Its simplicity allows therapists to concentrate on client care, confident that all necessary information is readily available, promoting effective follow-up interactions.


Effortless and Comprehensive Record-Keeping:


Designed for both online and in-person consultations, our Progress Note Template simplifies the complexities of record-keeping for psychologists across Australia. Its intuitive design empowers psychologists to focus on delivering exceptional care, with the assurance that our templates seamlessly handle administrative tasks, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Psychologists registered under AHPRA, consulting online or in person across Australia, must be familiar with record-keeping requirements. Access the essential guidelines on the Australian Psychological Society (APS) website. Read the APS article on record keeping to stay informed and maintain professional standards.

Don’t take our word.

You can take a sneak peak of our meticulously designed template that meets record requirements:

progress note screenshot
professional on computer

At Provisional Psych Support Group, we recommend that all psychologist registered under AHPRA, who consult with clients either online and/or in person across Australia are are familiar with record keeping requirements. These requirements are readily available on the Australian Psychological Society (APS) website. Read the APS article about record keeping.