Practice with People from Diverse Groups Template - Provisional Psych Support Group
The Provisional Psych Support Group is a support forum with training resources designed for provisional psychologists completing the 4+2 or 5+1 Internship Program. PPSG are passionate about supporting early career psychologists successfully meet the requirements set by the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) and to obtain their General Registration as a Psychologist in Australia.
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Practice with People from Diverse Groups Presentation


Our resource provides you with an example presentation of practising with diverse groups of people, allowing you to fit your selected issue into the template by using the baseline structure. Provisional Psych Support Group provides a baseline structure of what the Board requires from you this particular competency. Our resource is designed for provisional psychologists undertaking the 4 + 2 Internship Program. This is a supervisor-assessed task and does not need to be submitted to the Board. The principal supervisor reports to the Board when this task is successfully completed in the next progress report.