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psychological placements

Our LinkedIn posts’ new job vacancies that may meet the core competencies of the 4+2 and 5+1 internship program. We understand the hurdles when seeking suitable employment and the challenges when seeking a suitable paid psychological placement for the internship pathway.

The internship program will require you to independently source suitable employment that meets the eight core competencies set by the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA). The eight core competencies will need to be displayed in the internship plan for the 4+2 pathway (SPPR-76) or the 5+1 pathway (INPP-76). You will also need to arrange a suitable primary and secondary Board-approved supervisor before drafting a internship plan. The supervisor will need to sign off on the internship plan. Once this has been approved along with your registration as a provisional psychologist in Australia, only then will you be able to commence your psychological placement.

eight core competencies

    • knowledge of the discipline
    • ethical, legal and professional matters
    • psychological assessment and measurement
    • intervention strategies
    • research and evaluation
    • communication and interpersonal relationships
    • working within a cross-cultural context
    • practice across the lifespan

Getting started

Our team have tailored a suite of services to empower you when getting started on your internship journey. Below are our popular services which can be selected as a bundle or separately depending on your needs and preference.


Our resume template provides a baseline of how to structure your resume. Learn how to highlight your skills and processional experience to get the edge over your competition

resume review

Our team of registered psychologists offer a resume review service after purchasing of our template to ensure you portray your skills, knowledge and confidence to get your foot in the door.

Employment Starter Pack

Our job seeker starter pack is designed to support you finding a suitable paid psychological placement that aligns with the eight core competencies set by the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA).


Our team of registered psychologists have experience and knowledge preparing documents for the Psychology Board of Australia (PsycBA) including the SPPR-76 Review and INPP-76 Review.