General Intake Template


An Australian registered Psychologist that consults with clients via telehealth (Online) or in person may benefit from our General Intake Template. Our General Intake Template is designed to assist psychologists in their intake assessment and record keeping. This resource is useful for the initial consultation with a client and is suitable for a range of clinical presentations including depression and anxiety. To better support psychologists in writing their clinical notes post-initial consultation, we also provide a checklist. This checklist can be copied and pasted into your practice management system as a ‘Initial Intake Template’ to provide useful prompts as to the relevant information to be recorded. Our templates are designed to make record keeping simple for psychologist delivering in person and online consultations Australia wide.

Are you an Online Psychologist in Australia?

We have designed our initial intake resource to assist early career psychologists.

What does the intake assessment template include?

Our resource was designed to assist psychologist in their initial intake consultation with clients for those who need a little support and direction. This has been especially useful to psychologist practicing in person or online Australia whose as a psychologist. In particular, the resource has been useful for psychologists in private practice settings for a range of presenting problems. If you are a psychologists in Australia (online or in person) our general intake template will assist you in your professional practice.

Just remember the initial session is to gather relevant information and to establish rapport with your client. Anything that has been missed can be asked in your second consultation. The main objective is to make the client feel comfortable and return for their second consultation. A good way of establishing this rapport is to set therapy goals collaboratively in your initial consultation. Allow the client to know “towards the end of the session we will discuss some therapy goals that will direct our sessions moving forward”. This enables the client to feel heard and wraps up the information nicely.

General Intake Template

The PPSG team recommend that all psychologist registered under AHPRA, who consult with clients either online and/or in person across Australia are are familiar with record keeping requirements. These requirements are readily available on the Australian Psychological Society (APS) website (click here to read about record keeping).