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The Provisional Psych Support Group is a support forum with training resources designed for provisional psychologists completing the 4+2 or 5+1 Internship Program. PPSG are passionate about supporting early career psychologists successfully meet the requirements set by the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) and to obtain their General Registration as a Psychologist in Australia.
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Services for Registered Psychologists in Australia

getting started

Our team have tailored a suite of services for general registered psychologists to empower and support you transitioning from provisional registration to general registration. Below are services that can be selected as a bundle or separately depending on your needs.

Tracking Template

Our general registration tracking template is designed to calculate accumulated CPD and peer consultation hours to meet the mandatory requirements of the PsyBA.


Our resume template provides a baseline of how to structure your resume. Learn how to highlight your skills and processional experience to get the edge over your competition.

resume review

Our team provices resume review after purchasing of our template to ensure you portray your skills and knowledge to increase your confidence when applying for your desired role.

Document Review

Our team understands general registered psychologists benefit from support in developing their skills, knowledge and confidence when it comes to writing reports.

Intake Assessment Templates

Our team have tailored a range of resources designed for registered psychologists in Australia. These resources are designed to help psychologists meet the Psychology Board of Australian and AHPRA registration standards for registered psychologists. Our resources include initial intake assessment templates for early career psychologist. Below are services that can be selected as a bundle or separately depending on your needs.

Intake Intake

Our intake template is used at the initial consultation with clients and suitable for a range of clinical presentations. Checklist for creating clinical notes also included.

Eating Disorder Intake

Our intake template is used at the initial consultations with clients referred with an eating disorder presentation. Checklist for creating clinical notes also included

assessment scoring templates

Our team have designed scoring templates for registered early career psychologists in Australia to simplify the scoring experience.

SDQ Scoring Template

Our 'Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire' (SDQ) scoring template is designed to save you time scoring the results of the teacher, parent and self- completed versions of the SDQ.

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simplifying your journey

We are passionate about helping registered psychologists met the registration requirements of the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA), therefore allowing more time on what you enjoy the most including skill development, increasing knowledge and helping clients make positive change.

Just remember luck is when preparation meets opportunity