Ethical Dilemma Examples


Our Ethical Dilemma Template with Examples are designed to help provisional psychologists meet the Psychology Board’s (PsyBA) internship requirements whilst undertaking the 4+2 or 5+1 internship program. Our team at PPSG provide a baseline structure consisting of an example report and checklist to help provisional psychologists fit all relevant information into the template.

What are the Ethical Dilemma Core Competency Requirement?

As stated in the Psychology Board Guidelines, during the first year of the 4+2 internship, the provisional psychologist must complete three presentations or reports for their Board approved supervisor/s. Each presentation or report must describe a different ethical dilemma example and summarises their responses. As a guide, a written report should be structured and provide information under specified headers with wordcount varying from 500 to 1000 words. A strong focus of ethics training early in the internship is encouraged and ethical dilemmas should be discussed during between the provisional psychologist and their Board approved supervisor.

When to complete the Ethical Dilemma’s Task?

The Psychology Board of Australia recommends completing these tasks in the first six months of the internship program. This guide is likely to be in place to ensure provisional psychologists are competent in processing a number of ethical dilemmas and to also encourage the provisional psychologist to familiarise themselves with the APS Code of Ethics available via the Board website.

Ethical Dilemma Examples - Image