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Our services are designed for assist Provisional Psychologists undertaking the 4+2 or 5+1 Internship Pathway to successfully meet the requirements set by the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) to obtain General Registration as a Psychologist in Australia.
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Our team at the Provisional Psych Support Group have a special interest in supporting early career psychologist meet the requirements of becoming a registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia (Psych BA) and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Our resources are designed to assist with obtaining AHPRA registration by meeting the Psychology Board’s psychology competencies.


Select the Provisional Psychologist or General Registered Psychologist resources that you wish to purchase. You will receive payment instructions via email shortly.

AHPRA Psychology Registration Support

    Why do I need to provide this?
    Our provisional resources are designed for personal use by the provisional psychologist and not to be distributed via email or print. To prevent distribution of our resources, our resources can only be purchased by the provisional psychologist. Board-approved supervisors are encouraged to point interns to our website to purchase directly. Thank you for your understanding.


    4 + 2 Internship Tracking Template (AUD$62.50)5 + 1 Internship Tracking Template (AUD$62.50)General Registration Tracking Template (AUD$62.50)Job Seeker-Starter Kit (AUD$110)Resume Template (AUD$75)Resume Review (AUD$85 per hour)Internship Plan Template (AUD$140)Supervisor Agreement Letter Requesting Approval for External Supervision Arrangements - For the Board (AUD$45)Letter Template Requesting to Add Secondary Supervisor/s to Internship Plan - For the Board (AUD$45)


    General Intake Template (AUD$62.50)Eating Disorder Intake Template (AUD$62.50)


    NPE Practice Questions Bundle (AUD$85.50)Case Report Tutorial (AUD$95)Practice Across the Life Span Resource Kit incl. Overview and Example Report (AUD$62.50)Practicing with Diverse Groups of People - Presentation (AUD$76.50)Ethical Dilemmas Template and Example Report (AUD$72.50)


    Select our assessment templates with example report that you wish to purchase:

    WAIS (AUD$62.50)WISC (AUD$62.50)WMS (AUD$62.50)PAI (AUD$62.50)DASS-21 (AUD$62.50)WHODAS (AUD$62.50)K10 (AUD$62.50)16PF (AUD$62.50)SDQ (AUD$62.50)Click here to request our assessment BUNDLE and SAVE AUD$50 (Note this is only available when purchasing the nine assessment templates)


    SDQ Scoring Template (AUD$32.50)

    Payments: Please note orders over A$250 require bank clearance before sending the resources.

    Please note that we do not provide counselling or direct enquiry relating to the internship pathway via the contact button. You are however, welcome to follow our Facebook Page (click here) or request to join our Facebook-Group (click here) to discuss further internship related enquiries amongst a supportive team environment. Alternatively, you may like to explore talking to your own Psychologist at Positive Wellbeing Psychology to feel a little more supported in your journey (click here to make an appointment).

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