AHPRA General Registration Psychology Tracker

General Registration Tracker


To assist with the transition from provisional registration to general registration as a psychologist we share our General Registration Tracking Template. Our template is designed to help support psychologists meet the continual professional development requirements set out by the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) and AHPRA. These include maintaining records for annual peer consultation, continuing professional development (CPD) activities, learning plan and reflections, supervision and so forth. This allows psychologists to have record of all material required as being a registered psychologists in Australia should AHPRA request an audit.

What does the resource include to maintain AHPRA Psychology requirements?

You will also receive our Learning Plan Template to facilitate self-assessment and reflection of the skills and knowledge you aim to achieve in the registration period ahead. You can record and review areas of development or improvement, set your own learning objectives and goals, allowing you to enhance your learning, and reflects on new opportunities or emerging learning needs throughout the year.

Our AHPRA compliant Psychology tracking template also includes journal templates for continuing professional development and peer consultation to met the annual psychology record keeping required by AHPRA.

Basically, we have taken the hard, but essential work out of record keeping – just in case you are audited. Audits can include all documentation from the past 5-years.

How many CPD hours is required to met the AHPRA psychology registration requirements?

In terms of registration status and CPD requirements, the Psychology Board of Australia Guidelines indicate that if you hold general registration for the full registration year (i.e., 1 December to 30 November) you must complete 30 hours of CPD activities for the registration year. Of the 30 hours at least 10 hours must be peer consultation. These requirements apply regardless of whether you work full-time or part-time. Psychologists working part-time are expected to maintain the same high standards of practice as those working full-time.


What if you hold general registration for only part of the year?

If you hold general registration for part of the year, you only need to complete CPD for the part of the year that general registration was held. For every full month of general registration you must complete 2.5 hours (150 minutes) of CPD comprising 50 minutes of peer consultation plus 100 minutes of general CPD. You can only count CPD you completed during the portion of the year you held general registration, but you can choose to spread the hours across those months or complete it all at once. PPSG has prepared a one stop tracker on Excel that includes important and calculating your annual hours should AHPRA request your records within a 28 day timeframe.

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